RevEquip develops native Revit Families for the design community per the Foodservice Consultants Society International's (FCSI) Taskforce for the development of Revit Family Standards.

Staffed by Foodservice Consultants our RevEquip technicians understand the processes of document creation for Foodservice based projects. 

Join the Revitlution! Don’t be left behind! Now is the time to adapt as the building industry learns of the benefits of BIM based project development.

Revit Content Creation

RevEquip collaborates with design professionals to build 3D Revit symbols and Revit content creation. Contact us today, or browse the website to get a better understanding of the services we provide.

Interactive Revit Rendering – Hover over and tour our Revit Families

Revit Families are truly dynamic in that they are databases that include utility information, clickable parametric graphic options, and flexibly constrained when necessary.